Wednesday, July 17, 2013


WHY O WHY?? What's happening this week?? Yesterday, I am sleepy in class. This day, when I got to school I had funn cause I slept early!!




Sorry if this is too big BUT!! Our last subject: Math -_- We and our teacher started all right. Well he didn't really did that it's like what he did is near that thing?? near that action?? sorry if it's wrong grammar



That is a clue about our Math class today. I don't know to him, he just ugh. I don't wanna talk about it anymore but our reaction- everyone is so quiet that even the most talkative didn't talk. Then some cried, at the end of that subject. My classmates already cried. My seatmates are even shaking, she said she doesn't want to take down notes and she's shaking a bit. Who wouldn't react like that?? I even thought the laptop fell. Good thing it didn't.. I- i just can't believe he'll do that. Me and my friends/seatmates were just talking then bam!

OKAY so let's erase this bad memory today. Put it on the recycle bin. It might work.. :) Thanks for reading this not-so-perfect post.


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