Friday, July 12, 2013

Music (Jayesslee)

You all should know that Erickah is a fan of all fantastic singers and bands! I love music.. I mean i wouldn't even be this happy in my life if music is not there beside me. One of my favorite artists is this duo called "Jayesslee" is a duo group of acoustic singers. They are sisters- Sonia and Janice Lee... I promise you they really have good voices!! They sing covers of their favorite artists. Actually, they are a youtube sensation. The cover that they did that I liked the most is "Officially Missing You". It's so beautiful, i'm totally speechless...

They actually already went here in the Philippines but so sad I wasn't able to come but it's alright :))

They're pretty for me. You should watch them on youtube, just type Jayesslee and everything will come out :))

That's all for music today :) Hope you liked it!!

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