Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Temptations

I have so many temptations in my life. Everybody has a temptation. My temptations are my gadgets- my laptop, and my phone. Also, some of my temptations are television and social networking sites. Laptop is one of my temptations because whenever my mom tells me that I have to open it if needed. I want to open it so bad. I'll get worried about things that I won't able to do. Like updating my blog or see the latest things online. Also my temptation is my cellphone, i think I use it everyday even though it's supposed not to be used. Social networking sites like twitter, facebook, wattpad, youtube and blogspot are just some of the sites I always go to whenever I open my laptop. I can't resist them because they make me feel happy always. Lastly television/TV, my mom says we should not watch TV after coming home from school but I have a favorite afternoon show and it's taiwanese (Absolute Boyfriend). I love koreanovelas and they show it on TV so I watch them. I chose these my temptations because I can't live without them and they complete me. :)


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