Thursday, August 22, 2013

#LateUpdate Fionna and Cake

Sorry guys!! Haven't updated due to busyness and laziness. Haha sorry. So If you know "Adventure Time" one of my favorite cartoons. I have fave characters of course. It's FIONNA and CAKE! Yey!


I mean look they loook aadorable. I love these two than Finn and Jake. Please. No. Hate. :) I just like them and that's what I think so yeah. And also I like Gumball :)


I MEAN. Prince Gumball :) They really look so perfect together oh and another one :)


Queen Ice? Sorry if I got her name wrong. I forgot her name hehe :)  Okk so that's all for now. And I'm really really sorry.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Flower Crowns

Hello I'm here again. I'm a fan of flower crowns even though I don't have one. But I want to have one or even make one but of course I'm busy of doing so many things that's why.

And I love One Direction very muchhh that's why I searched for Louis' pictures with a flower crown (because he's my favorite ehh :'') ) 


hello soo i'm kind of not in the mood that's why i didn't used the capslock on haha :)

Well this are some of the pictures I saved. Well ba-bye!! Guys!!


Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters!

Hey guys!! It's me AGAIN. Feeling good-no....-wonderful. Because me and my friends went to watch the movie (obviously) Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. It's so amazing- AMAZING!! In case you don't know I am a fan of Percy Jackson Series and I read the books. I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology. Well, my friend infected me :D


This is such a memorable day :) Logan Lerman as Percy Jackson. Logan Lerman is so handsome right? You agree? Tell me if you don't think so.

That is one of my favorite part. He thought that he would bump into the tree but Tyson pulled him haha!! Guys, I recommend you this movie. It just officially released this Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013. So please if you have money and have time, watch this. 

Tyson with the hippocampus :) Aww... Tyson is a Son of Poseidon & he's the brother of Percy in the movie.

The time they escaped from the giant cyclops with the help of Tyson. Duh? He's strong :)

But all I could say is the movie is great and the graphics is nice, very nice. The cast is very nice and they are good actors/actresses. You'll have fun when you watch it. Tell me if you already watched the movie. Have fun!!


Thursday, August 8, 2013


*** I'm really really sorry I updated this blog because we had our quarterly exams and finally i sacrificed.... well -_-. If you are wondering why did I said "STAY WEIRD" it's because staying weird is fun. (Am I weird?) 


If you know you're weird and if you know I'm weird then we're going to be good friends. I could say that I'm weird because I love clouds. SEE!! I told you you're going to say I'm WEIRD. Now, you know already what I want to say today to all of you. Not just clouds but COLORFUL ones. You could see that I always use CAPSLOCK ON and that's another sign of me of being WEIRD. Well, I'm not mad, it's just my way of expressing words on my blog "emphasizing it" yes that's the word.


I love my blog. I need comments, appreciations, and reactions from you guys. So please I hope next time... Okay back to my topic. Staying Weird is so easy. By the way you know that I love clouds I even saved pictures of some colorful clouds and I love it so much. I love colors- any whether it's neon, dark, or light but what I love the most is pastel. :) If you don't love my variety of colors then tell me! Because I'll thank you for hating it,



If you love minionss, well FYI. I love them too. I'll do that when I get to the clouds. Haha, I'm so weird. Sorry if I'm so happy. I just like to be happy all the time. Is that being WEIRD again? 

Last Words:

Let's not forget that staying with who you are would make the people who surrounds you proud and happy with you. That's why if you're personality is whether cheerful, emo, girly, flirt, mad, wild, simple, cool or even WEIRD---- Stay with who you are don't let anyone else change you!! Why? Are you a machine or a robot or a gadget that can be reformat anytime, anywhere in this world??

P.S. I'm not mad. I'm just saying the truth. :) Ba. Bye. xxxo. (Pls. don't copy me, be inspired.)