Wednesday, July 17, 2013


WHY O WHY?? What's happening this week?? Yesterday, I am sleepy in class. This day, when I got to school I had funn cause I slept early!!




Sorry if this is too big BUT!! Our last subject: Math -_- We and our teacher started all right. Well he didn't really did that it's like what he did is near that thing?? near that action?? sorry if it's wrong grammar



That is a clue about our Math class today. I don't know to him, he just ugh. I don't wanna talk about it anymore but our reaction- everyone is so quiet that even the most talkative didn't talk. Then some cried, at the end of that subject. My classmates already cried. My seatmates are even shaking, she said she doesn't want to take down notes and she's shaking a bit. Who wouldn't react like that?? I even thought the laptop fell. Good thing it didn't.. I- i just can't believe he'll do that. Me and my friends/seatmates were just talking then bam!

OKAY so let's erase this bad memory today. Put it on the recycle bin. It might work.. :) Thanks for reading this not-so-perfect post.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Sorry if I haven't updated it. I really got sad, i'm really busy you know?? Making projects for school. You know the result of sleeping late?? Here:



      Well I don't really do this....


I don't sleep cause I don't want to be scolded by my teachers and of course I don't want to be embarrassed. Also, I might miss the lessons. I just felt like I want to go home and sleep. Catch up some "Zzzzzsss"..... I even drank water so my eyes and my mind would be alert but it's just no use..


That's just what I did. Those pictures above this sentence. So, I decided to sleep early.. okay! At least I got to post here today :) Ba-bye!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Music #LSS

What's the meaning of LSS?? Do you see #LSS on twitter. If you don't know what that means.. It means "Last Song Syndrome" and I think that I got a syndrome like that. #LSS in the song "Miss Movin On by Fifth Harmony" Sorry I know that I just told you that yesterday but I'm really LSS on that song. Yeah, movin on? I can't even move on to this song it's just so funny.. :)) That's just that. Everytime I would here a nice song I would be LSS on that :D


That's not my tumblr on the picture.. I just got that picture on Google :) Have a nice day everybody!!

My Temptations

I have so many temptations in my life. Everybody has a temptation. My temptations are my gadgets- my laptop, and my phone. Also, some of my temptations are television and social networking sites. Laptop is one of my temptations because whenever my mom tells me that I have to open it if needed. I want to open it so bad. I'll get worried about things that I won't able to do. Like updating my blog or see the latest things online. Also my temptation is my cellphone, i think I use it everyday even though it's supposed not to be used. Social networking sites like twitter, facebook, wattpad, youtube and blogspot are just some of the sites I always go to whenever I open my laptop. I can't resist them because they make me feel happy always. Lastly television/TV, my mom says we should not watch TV after coming home from school but I have a favorite afternoon show and it's taiwanese (Absolute Boyfriend). I love koreanovelas and they show it on TV so I watch them. I chose these my temptations because I can't live without them and they complete me. :)


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashion is my Passion

Fashion is my passion. When I grow up and have a job I would choose either to be a Fashion Designer or an Interior Designer.. I would be so happy if that would come true.


I would like to do that... Yes that picture above someday you'll see this blog of a designer.. I'm so ambitious. Sorry about that :) I love fashion. Of course, i have favorite fashionistas too.

In that picture above, it's Camille Co one of my favorite fashionista :) She's a fashion designer too. She's beautiful, right?? That picture below is her too. One of her pics.. So pretty, she has a blog.. yeah :) Also, she's one of the famous fashionistas in the Philippines <3


Another one is Tricia Gosingtian :) She's beautiful too and a popular fashionista.. like Camille Co. That is her below.. I think she's beautiful here.


And another one is Kryz Uy, I can say that's she is really pretty. I love searching for her pictures just like those two i've said. You could search more of there pictures on Google.



So that's all for today... I have more fashion bloggers to share but I think 3 is enough for today.Thank you for reading this post! xx


The three of them are here :) Haha.. To be a fashion designer someday, while you are still young.. you have to get some things or try to look for ideas to be a great one for tomorrow.. xx

Upcoming Project

So our teacher asked as to print screen the activity we are asked to do. We need to post on our blog (if we have) or in any social networking site, but i have so no problem :) We need to post the things that we consider temptations... We should include pictures and be creative. I should put it on a bond paper.. So maybe today i'll be posting that "temptation" activity that our teacher said. I can do it on Monday after classes or maybe Sunday because it will be passed on Tuesday so yeah. Hope you won't read that it'll be so embarrassing :'')

Music Featuring Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony is an American girl group who won in the third place on X-Factor USA. They are signed by Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid's record labels. These girls are so lucky.. They have beautiful voices and beautiful faces :)) 



From left to right: Lauren Jauregui, Camilla Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen, Normani Hamilton, and Ally Brooke Hernandez... So what do you think?? They have good.. no i mean amazing voices! You should listen to their songs i'm sure you're gonna love them. 


So here's there video if you're toooo lazy to type their name in the youtube search box... :) Enjoy :)

What do you say?? That is just their lyric video, what about the official one? I'm so excited to see that.. I hope you like them too guys. So that's all I can feature for today :) Have a fun and nice Saturday!

Delicious Resto

Hey guys... It's Saturday today and we went to the mall... We discovered a new restaurant and it's delicious in there. Instead of soft drinks your drink is milk tea. Guess what?? I chose the Winter Melon Milk Tea.... And all I can say is yum!! It's really nice.. Sad to say but I got no pictures to show you. I tried to search a picture on Google but there's nothing... They're new, it's a Korean restaurant i think because they have a flavor of kimchi. My meal is the juicy chicken.. I liked it a lot cause you can pick the flavor of the chicken.
But I had fun even though my mom and I are the only one who was able to try it :)) It's name is "BR Chicken House" :)) try it :)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Music Video :))

These are my favorite music videos of the day :)) I hope you like this videos too..

Officially Missing You cover by Jayesslee :))

Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran- it has a beautiful message :) "Cause all I know is we said hello and your eyes look like coming home all...."

Tiffany is a member of Girls' Generation- a popular korean girl group. I love k-pop too. I was amazed because she can sing in straight english. I felt so happy for her because she is my favorite.. and she is truly beautiful. She is good at singing and dancing. :)) 

Music (Jayesslee)

You all should know that Erickah is a fan of all fantastic singers and bands! I love music.. I mean i wouldn't even be this happy in my life if music is not there beside me. One of my favorite artists is this duo called "Jayesslee" is a duo group of acoustic singers. They are sisters- Sonia and Janice Lee... I promise you they really have good voices!! They sing covers of their favorite artists. Actually, they are a youtube sensation. The cover that they did that I liked the most is "Officially Missing You". It's so beautiful, i'm totally speechless...

They actually already went here in the Philippines but so sad I wasn't able to come but it's alright :))

They're pretty for me. You should watch them on youtube, just type Jayesslee and everything will come out :))

That's all for music today :) Hope you liked it!!

Beautiful Things

Everything is beautiful. We could only see them beautiful if we try to realize and appreciate them.... I love to post or share pictures that I adore or like. These photos are just the pretty things I saw today on the net. Such cute pictures would already make me happy :)

These became my favorite candy when I was still a kid. These are just so yummy... There are different colors. It's called "Nerds" haha, the name is just funny.. 

I would like to have this at my room :))


Hello! To you all. Thank God it's Friday!! Free from stress today :)) Follow me on twitter :)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Before my blog starts it all, i would like you to know who am i. I'm Erickah. Yes as in with a letter "H" there at the last. I love almost everything. I can sing, write poems and stories, draw, i love fashion, i love music, i love korean/kpop, i  love books and a lot more. I write stories and they are seen on wattpad but i'll give you updates about my stories... my username is "@iamyourbowtie" yes so please, pretty please follow me. I love fashion and clothes. I love bowties, cookies, haribo, candy crush, and a whole lot more. So i guess since I have a lot of interests and hobbies in my life right now i'm going to divide it by each day of the week. Nice, right so yeah that's all for my first post. Bye for now.. :))