Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fashion is my Passion

Fashion is my passion. When I grow up and have a job I would choose either to be a Fashion Designer or an Interior Designer.. I would be so happy if that would come true.


I would like to do that... Yes that picture above someday you'll see this blog of a designer.. I'm so ambitious. Sorry about that :) I love fashion. Of course, i have favorite fashionistas too.

In that picture above, it's Camille Co one of my favorite fashionista :) She's a fashion designer too. She's beautiful, right?? That picture below is her too. One of her pics.. So pretty, she has a blog.. yeah :) Also, she's one of the famous fashionistas in the Philippines <3


Another one is Tricia Gosingtian :) She's beautiful too and a popular fashionista.. like Camille Co. That is her below.. I think she's beautiful here.


And another one is Kryz Uy, I can say that's she is really pretty. I love searching for her pictures just like those two i've said. You could search more of there pictures on Google.



So that's all for today... I have more fashion bloggers to share but I think 3 is enough for today.Thank you for reading this post! xx


The three of them are here :) Haha.. To be a fashion designer someday, while you are still young.. you have to get some things or try to look for ideas to be a great one for tomorrow.. xx

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