Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Late Post

I'm really sorry for this. Late late update for you! This is the day of our Christmas party and yesterday was just the last day of our exams for the third quarter. I am really sorry. You know, i have to study or else my mother would be mad at me. I don't want to disappoint her. By the way, i thank my friends for giving me gifts. And sorry to those I wasn't able to give one. So t'day... is um, the beginning of my Christmas break and I decided to make a new blog for 2014, 

It could be my summer blog, but I would really make a new one. Cause, I think this blog doesn't update a lot and this is really wrong. Am I being dramatic? Just joking! So I made a wishlist for this Christmas and one of those I really want to get is this:

I N S T A X M I  N I C A M E R A


Cute right? I really want that so bad! I just think it's cool and nice because everytime you take a picture, the picture will just come out instantly! It's really hard to put the card of the camera to the reader and connect it to the computer or laptop just to upload it on fb or any social networking websites.. and I don't have an android cellphone. Gahhh.. that's life well, i don't have anything to say now. Goodbye!!

Have a merry and wonderful Christmas!! And a Happy New Year! Welcome 2014! xx


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