Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloweeennnn!

So it's Oct. 31 already and it's November tomorrow! I hate my....!! nevermind, he's just so annoying just because it's halloween? Ohh aaaannnnoooyyyyiiiinnnggg -__-

Thanks for viewing my blog. Thank you so so much! Another post :)

Happy Halloween guys, here we celebrate Halloween earlier than the real one like Oct. 26, 28, or 29 and even the tv show I'm watching right now they're halloween special. Happy Halloween!!


I'm not interested joining Halloween parties but I'd join them cause I want to have candies! Yey! Candies or Chocolates. Hahahahaha. Bad girl.

So what's your halloween costume? I hope giraffes don't wear halloween costumes hehe! Well I hope you guys would have a fun and successful halloween parties but if you don't go to halloween parties.You could watch horror movies with your family or friends so that you could feel that it's really Halloween at least right? 

Or you could wear any scary costume or just pretend you're a scary creature and scare your neighbors, family, or friends then if they found out who you are just simply say:


So that they would be reminded that it's Halloween today. Last Saturday here we had a Halloween party and we gave the kids candies, junk foods and chocolates as a treat. But I wasn't able to take pictures of their costumes.

Some are vampires, superheroes, ghost, monster, princesses, fairies, pirates, and cartoon characters. Some dressed up as the minions :) 

The other kid dressed up as a lego block, if you know lego :)


Yes just like this!! Okay guys HAPPY HALLOWEEN!. Have fun today :) Again thank you guys who sees my blog and sorry for the wrong grammars, not perfect.

**these pictures aren't mine it's from google images.

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